Procurement Platform Overview:
Your Nomia Journey

Dive into the future of procurement with our cutting-edge AI driven procurement platform. From autonomous sourcing to advanced analytics, we empower you to make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, and achieve procurement excellence.

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Intelligent Guidance

Nomia’s adaptive capabilities allow for a personalised experience. Engage with our AI assistant, peruse catalogs, or request a customised quote.

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Request & Approve

Submit your request, and Nomia’s AI powered Supplier Matching technology analyses your needs and connects you with the best supplier. Experience a seamless process with full transparency, tracking your order or payment status in real-time at every stage.

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Purchase & Receive

Consolidate purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and vendor information, freeing you from document searching and focusing on essential tasks.

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Invoicing & Payment

Say goodbye to time-intensive and error-prone manual invoice processing tasks with Nomia’s AI automation technology.

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Robust Analytics

Make better-informed financial decisions with robust spend reports, real-time data visualisations, and user-friendly budget dashboards provided by Nomia’s analytics suite.

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What We Do

Our Commitment to Excellence

Non-managed spend, which typically constitutes the final 5-20% of total expenditure, falls outside your defined procurement cycle. Our expertise in managing tail spend empowers us to assist in streamlining existing plans, as well as exploring new avenues to enhance efficiency.

Our approach to non-managed spend entails a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis to determine potential savings.

We classify and account for this spend using AI technology integrating contract data and price benchmarks.

By utilising our expertise, resources, and network, we can formulate sourcing strategies that are tailored to create optimal value.

AI procurement platform
AI procurement platform
Our Approach

The Nomia Way to Procurement

We are committed to accompanying you on your journey through a genuine, long-term partnership, where risks and rewards are shared equitably. Our proposition emphasises true flexibility, and our values, ethics, and distinct culture are integral in propelling you forward.

Leverage our strategic and operational proficiency to generate value.

Share best practises across our portfolio to achieve impactful outcomes.

Assist in driving risk management, compliance, and process efficiency.

Utilise our experience and transition support to aid in managing the challenges that arise when collaborating with external partners.

Nomia AI Procurement Platform

Powerful Tools at Your Fingertips

Nomia’s AI procurement platform offers the following key benefits and features to transform your operations.

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Autonomous Sourcing

Our procurement platform harnesses the power of AI to autonomously source suppliers, making the procurement process more efficient and resource-effective, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

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Supplier Recommendations

We provide intelligent supplier recommendations, leveraging data-driven insights to match you with the best-fit suppliers, ensuring optimal procurement decisions and fostering strong supplier relationships.

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Invoice Management

Streamline your invoice management process and empower your accounts payable team to pay invoices quickly and confidently. With the Nomia AI enhanced platform, centralised communication and comprehensive documentation ensure every purchase decision is efficient and well-informed.

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Gain deep insights into your procurement data with advanced analytics, allowing you to make data-driven decisions, optimise spend, and uncover valuable opportunities for cost savings and efficiency.

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RFx Collaboration

Collaborate effortlessly on RFx processes within the platform, streamlining communication with suppliers, improving sourcing outcomes, and ensuring effective procurement negotiations.

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Enterprise Ready

Our platform is designed to meet the demands of enterprise-level procurement, with robust features, scalability, and security measures to support your organisation’s procurement needs and growth.

Control Supplier Governance

Gain complete control over your supplier relationships and ensure they align with your governance standards.

Generate Operational Efficiencies

Streamline procurement processes, automate repetitive tasks, and maximise efficiency.

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Improve Supplier Performance

We provide real-time visualisation of supplier performance by monitoring and evaluating adherence to contract terms and SLA’s using qualitative and quantitative metrics, comparing them to industry benchmarks.

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Manage and Mitigate Risk

Identify and mitigate supply chain risks in real-time with AI-backed risk management tools.

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Reduce Complexity

Simplify complex procurement workflows and reduce administrative burdens with AI-driven solutions.

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Reduce Costs

Unlock substantial cost savings by leveraging AI to optimise spending, negotiate deals, and cut unnecessary expenses.

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