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Explore Nomia’s approach to developing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, enabling procurement to drive innovation and foster sustainable growth. Nomia’s procurement supplier partnerships unlock your business growth.

procurement partnership and its benefits for all involved.
Procurement Partnerships

Seamless Connections:
Nomia’s Supplier-Buyer Network

Nomia is your gateway to an expansive network of qualified buyers and lucrative procurement partnerships. Our platform connects you with global opportunities, fostering stronger relationships and business growth. We understand the importance of procurement suppliers like you and are committed to your success.

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Key Advantages & Benefits

Empowering Procurement Partnerships

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Fewer Mistakes, Less Hassle

With Nomia, you can invoice like a pro with fewer errors and less stress.

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Instant Work Start

Nomia allows you to start your work immediately, eliminating the need for waiting and approvals.

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Easy Taxes and Audits

With Nomia, tax and audit processes become simpler, giving you more time to focus on your business.

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Attract Big Clients

Nomia makes it easy for large companies to work with you, helping you grow your business effortlessly.


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Sale Ecosystem

Seamless Sales Ecosystem

Our platform creates a seamless sales ecosystem. Simplify procurement, gain market insights, and enhance supplier relationships. Experience efficiency, market intelligence, and a well-connected supplier network.

Efficient Procurement Transactions

Streamline procurement transactions, from requisition to payment, for a more efficient and cost-effective process.

Streamlined Supplier Relationships

Simplify and optimise supplier relationships, ensuring a smoother procurement experience for both parties.

Well-Connected Supplier Network

Join a well-connected supplier network, facilitating efficient communication, collaboration, and relationship-building.

Access to Market Insights

Gain valuable market insights and intelligence to make informed decisions and stay ahead in your industry.

Nomia's Sales ecosystem is just one part of our Procurement Partnership
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Business Growth

Unlock Business Growth

Experience exponential business growth with our AI Procurement platform. We help you cut costs, identify strategic sourcing opportunities, and foster valuable supplier partnerships. Reinvest your savings into expansion and innovation.

Achieve Up to 30% Cost Savings

Identify Strategic Sourcing Opportunities

Collaborate with Suppliers for Growth

Reinvest Savings in Expansion.

Our Commitment to ESG

We actively seek sustainable, responsible, and ethical practises in every facet of our procurement operations, ensuring a positive impact on the environment, society, and governance standards. Please find our Supplier Charter and other helpful policies in the Information section in the footer.

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Sustainable Procurement Initiatives

Embrace sustainable procurement practises that minimise environmental impact and promote responsible sourcing.

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Ethical Sourcing Encouragement

Encourage ethical sourcing by working closely with suppliers who uphold ethical and socially responsible standards.

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Governance Standards Compliance

Ensure compliance with governance standards to mitigate risks and maintain transparency and accountability.

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Risk Reduction through ESG

By integrating ESG principles into procurement, reduce risks associated with environmental, social, and governance factors while upholding responsible business practises.

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